About me

Hi my name is Leya.

I’m currently studying graphic design at the School Of Design Zurich, where I’m going to graduate in the year of 2020.

Besides graphic design I’m very passionate about illustration. I’m very much looking forward to broadening my horizon in this subject and starting my bachelors degree in visual communication with the focal point on illustration this year.

I was born and raised in Zurich. I still live in the same house in the same village ever since. Right now, I’m working in Zurich city in a design agency called allink.

Besides working and studying I own an Etsy Shop where i sell my art.

My biggest dream is to own a dog one day. I’d call him something funny like bug or bean or maybe Heinz. Please hire me so I can adopt a dog some day.

me, me, me, tell me something about you and shoot me an email! Just click on Contact in the navigation bar.

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2020 –  2023 BA in Visual Communication, Illustration2016  –  2020 Graphic design SfGZ 2016  –  2020 Apprentice at allink AG 2015  –  2016 Gestalterischer Vorkurs SfGZ 2013  –  Sek A Graduation


German  –  Native speaker

English  –  Proficiency Level 3 CPE Certificate (ESOL)
French  –  Basic knowledge

Exhibitons & Publications

2020: Schaufenster, Zürich
         University of teacher education
(exceptional in-depth studies)

2019: ExRex, St. Gallen
         Fantasy Basel ‘19

         Braided 2 Exhibition, Chicago
         CreativeHowl Article

2018: T.M.B.C Exhibition, Zurich 
         Fantasy Basel ‘18

2017: Schaufenster, Zürich